Construction NVQ Qualifications

Investing In You

If you are ambitious then there comes a time when what you are doing is not enough, not enough money, not enough of a challenge, not enough prestige or recognition for who and what you are or what you want to do with your life.

So there comes a time to make the decision to change and change things from how they are to how you want them to be.

By investing in YOU and getting better qualified you can start that change. The right qualifications enable you to obtain the correct CSCS Cards, be they trade specific or management Black or Gold CSCS Cards. A NVQ level 3, 4, 5 or 6 will open the doors for you to get a better job, get better paid and be recognised as someone who is serious about their future.

The NVQ level 3 and Gold CSCS Card put you in the top 5% in the industry and is a statement of intent of your desire to be better than most, a top performer, with the recognition for this that the Gold CSCS Card will give you.

Why Academy Training

If you want to find out more about Academy Training Group then please click the Academy Training Group logo below and you will be taken to their web site

SkillMatch Helping You Get The Qualification You Need

Over the years we have helped thousands of workers like you to get their NVQ's and CSCS Cards. When you work with us you will get your qualifcation in the quickest most efficent way possible.

Over the last 7 years we have worked with many many training providers, trying to find a training provider that understands that our clients want to get their qualifcation quickly, with great support and help when THEY need it and in a way that is cost effective and has as little impact on their day to day work, so there is as little disruption as possible.

So we are pleased to say we have found a top quality training organisation in Academy Training Group. Academy Training Group are a Matrix accredited trainig provider that provides outstanding support, help and training to construction workers in a way that is ideally suited to construction workers who are currently working and who can't afford to be away from work and not earning.

They are an outstanding trainig provider and as a Matrix accredited provider you are in safe hands. Matrix is an independent standard. Before being accredited the regulators at Matrix look at every aspect of how a training provider works and only after rigorous testing and investigation do they award accreditation. This process involves not only looking at how the training provider works but talking to many of the training providers clients and asking them what they felt about Academy Training and how well were they supported and helped throughout their qualification. Also the Matrix accreditation is not a one off certificate of competence, it is ongoing so you can see how any company having the matrix accreditation is important for anyone choosing who to do their qualifcations with.

Why Academy Training

Academy Training have been praised by Matrix, awarding bodies, partners and many others in how it helps and supports its clients to achieve their qualifcations, they use ground breaking technology backed by an amazing team of staff, we can promise you we have worked with many training providers and Academy Training are by far the best.

      How it Works


    • Information, Advice, Guidance, Registration and Administration

    • Academy Training

    • Training Delivery, Training Support, NVQ Qualification

    • Academy Training - Benefits

    • Outstanding Support, especially if English is not your 1st language
  • The quickest route to your NVQ level 3
  • Ground-breaking technology, making life easier for you
  • Little impact on your current work - No college
  • Exceptional Standards

Making it easy to pay for Your Level 3 NVQ

You are making a great decision in investing in YOU and your future success. That being said we understand that it is not easy sometimes to find the money TODAY.

So we offer a way to get your qualifcation NOW so you can start benefiting from being better qualifed and more sought after straight away, but not have to pay till April 2016 and then only if you are earning over 21K per year. We can do this by offering you your qualifcation through a 24+ Advanced Learning loan, there are NO credit checks, and repayments are very affordable.

More Good News - You May Even Get All Your Payments Back

Wedo accounting are one of the countries leading accountancy practices to the construction industry, we have been working with them for a number of years to help our workers get fantastic tax advice. They are specialists in helping the self-employed. Recently we asked them to look if they could help our clients who wanted to further their careers by getting a level 3 NVQ and Gold CSCS Card. They explained that yes for some self-employed clients there was the opportunity to offset the loan payments against their end of year tax return.

So when you come and see us if you wish, we can pass your details on and wedo accounting will contact you and see if they can make doing your qualification under the 24+ loan scheme even cheaper. It may cost you nothing at all!!!

what we also offer

Whilst there is a great demand for level 3 qualifcations we also recognise not everyone wants to do an NVQ level 3, so you will be glad to hear we also offer level 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 NVQ's too


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